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This is what it’s all about! Changeless Change is a delightful collection of vignettes that help you shift conditions or circumstances in your life without losing the essence of you. Although its effect is profound, it is a fun, easy-to-read book in which every page stands alone. Changeless Change is about the circle of life – ever changing while never changing.

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Carol has a unique gift of knowing how to reduce the complexities of life into simple guidelines for living. She is able to see through the absurdities of life with a refreshingly, clear, and objective perspective.

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With a deep knowledge of spiritual principles, Carol presents her material with humor and personal insights. She engages a group individually and as a whole, which is simple. direct, and powerful. Subscribe to Carol’s mailing list to find out when her next workshop will be, and where.

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Photos by Changeless Change.

Creations of Nature captured by Changeless Change

Creations of Nature captured by Changeless Change

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