Change Your Life

What Are You Doing Over And Over But Still Expecting Different Results?
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Who or what is blocking you from your highest good, and/or your goals, and/or from even knowing what you want? For me, the answer is always the same …… it…

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I believe in One God, One Power, One Energy, One Love, expressing Itself equally in, through and as all sentient beings. I believe the same God that lives, moves and…

Being Right Can Be Wrong
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One of the great challenges in life for me has always been about finding the balance between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law and learning…

I am overpaid
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What is mine to do to make a better world?  That is a question I have asked every day for the past 10 years, or so. For the first  27…

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After my dad died, friends asked if I was going to keep the house and move in and, in fact, a few were begging me.  I thought about it and…

take the leap, leaping, jump off
TAKE THE LEAP………. the leap of faith
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Against all levels of common sense and basic logic, there are times when we must simply take the leap and step into the unknown.  Take a deep breath and jump…

It Is Never Too Late to Recreate!
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It’s never too late to recreate.. For most of my life, I hated Christmas – the holiday itself and all the “rules” that go with it.  I never hated the…

I Get What I Expect to Get
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What I BELIEVE is exactly what I achieve – whether I am fearing it, or freeing it. I get what I expect to get! Matthew 8:13 “So Jesus said to…

Looking for your purpose in life?
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For many years I claimed to be looking for my purpose in life – a purpose to live. In actuality, I may have known it all along but was afraid…

Suicide Attempts, Permanent Solution to a Temporary Issue
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Whenever I read about another suicide as I did this very morning, my heart and soul do a dance of sadness and gratitude as my entire being feels shattered with…

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