We Can’t Lose at Love Because Love is All There Is
900 600 Carol Davis

Relationships can end for a variety of reasons, but what we learned never ends and the love we gave continues to give and grow in the universe – for eternity. Because love is All there is. Love is all there is. People, places and things come and go but love remains. Are you in pain?…

Why, Why, Why?
900 600 Carol Davis

I have spent my entire life asking, or trying to ask, “why” for just about everything. As a child it was the usual parental response of “because I said so, that’s why.” As a teenager and then for most of my adult life, I have been told, “who cares? move on.” As much as I…

Staying In Charge Of Our Charge On Others
900 600 Carol Davis

Whenever I am feeling jealousy and/or envy (expressed, or not) I am simply not trusting Divine Wisdom and Direction and I am straying off the path of Divine Knowledge. I only need to remember even seemingly “bad” things happen to me good and the darkest hour is always – always – just before dawn. Staying…