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Carol Davis is a published Author, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and Spiritual Guide who is able to express her ideas in refreshingly clear, unique and creative ways that demonstrate her compassion, and insights about life.

She is an over-achiever at overcoming adversity who views any and all obstacles on her path as exciting challenges and is fond of proclaiming, “even bad things happen to me good!” Carol has truly experienced a full spectrum of life, going from riches to rags and back again to riches. Knowing the power of her experiences of life have to empower others, she is always open and willing to share about her personal life journey. Nothing about her life is off limits, including the time she spent sleeping on a park bench, being arrested in a Communist country, surviving cancer twice and so much more.

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Carol has a unique gift of knowing how to reduce the complexities of life into simple guides for living. She is able to see through the absurdities of life with a refreshingly, clear, and objective perspective. She has a Master of Science degree in psychology and is a Licensed Practitioner for Centers for Spiritual Living. Carol lives one day at a time and shares that while she certainly makes plans for the future, she lives in the moment, experiencing the concept of the eternal now. Carol is also an amateur photographer and loves to travel, capturing the joy of living through the lens of her camera. Carol’s passion in life is to help those who have lost all hope, who feel they cannot go on – to guide those people from the dark side of their soul into the light of their heart. Carol’s mission is simply to help you see the truth about you – the real truth – the truth that will set you free.


Changeless Change is a delightful collection of vignettes that help you shift conditions or circumstances in your life without losing the essence of you. Although its effect is profound, it is a fun, easy-to-read book in which every page stands alone. Changeless Change is about the circle of life – ever changing while never changing.

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With a deep knowledge of spiritual principles, Carol presents her material with humor and personal insights. She engages a group individually and as a whole, which is simple. direct, and powerful.

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