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When Wrong is Right and Bad is Good

The darker the night, the brighter my light and I am so grateful. 

Boy is my light bright tonight!!  I have been planning for weeks to begin driving Uber once again this week. Even when I heard we were shutting down again yesterday,  I said to my self,  “too bad – I am going for it!  I had geared up to be totally safe.  I was only so determined because, of course,  I need the money.  Like everyone,  I have bills to pay.  Somewhere in the day,  the idea came to me to check my credit cards for availability to take out cash.  This is not something I was happy about.  I grew up knowing that is not what we do.  Never.  So embedded in my subconscious the idea is almost impossible to get past.  No,  I have to work.  That is what I know.  But then Divine Intervention,  I guess,  caused my adult thinking to take over.  I knew it was wrong to take cash out of my credit card and put it into checking  but wasn’t it just as wrong – if not more so – to put my health at risk?  Then my sane brain told me never choice was good, but wouldn’t be better to risk my financial health than my physical health?  Duh.  So wrong can be right. We have never been here before – never!

Today,  sky still dark. What’s up with that?  Still no sun.  Depressing.  Then I hear a loud siren – like a tornado warning – and I discover it is my iPhone and it is a message from the state,  “do not leave your house,  covid is rapidly spreading!”  Okay, so now I am even more satisfied with my credit card decision.  I am now happy to stay home.  Then more political news,  the senate refused to pass a resolution that Biden won the election.  WTH.  Regardless of who I voted for or who you voted for,  anyone   with a half-way sane mind would now it is over.  Trump’s own people,  his own appointees are saying it is over.  Is this not well beyond his right to revote?  GA has had 3  THREE – recounts with same results. WTH?    The “badder”  it gets,  the “gooder”   I feel.  Or,  maybe it is simply gratitude. 

In the midst of the darkness,  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all I have.  I have a bed, a roof over my head, heat, lots and lots of food.  I seriously have not one single complaint.  And,  I actually am grateful  I get to  be home, alone.  

But here is the bottom line…..

The darker the night, the brighter my light and I am so grateful. 

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