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My poor tired brain never stops …. well,  actually it sometimes does during meditation – but rarely.  I am so surprised it hasn’t blown up, yet.  I have a lot of opinions but I don’t think I ever insist I am right (well, maybe sometimes – but only when I am. LOL).  What I say is simply my perspective,  which like yours, is based on many events and thoughts and tons of stuff which is locked in my subconscious – but that is another topic.
Anyway,  I was just thinking that regardless of what any of us say or do,  there will always be someone who disagrees and someone who agrees. We are a world of perspective. It is what it is. It has taken me 75 years to have the strength to stand in my truth  (which is simply my opinion and may not be THE truth).  

  1. But, to continue with my thoughts,  I realize I am an observer of behavior patterns and it seems to me that we are all, in general, just following our usual behavior patterns.  What got me going on that thought was something I read in the New Your Post about a guy from Ohio who was protesting the government interference in our personal lives.  He posted on his Facebook that he “dared anyone to prove this pandemic is not just a government ploy” – a hoax.  He died last week from COVID-19.  I am guessing he is the guy who has never let anyone  (probably even his own doctor)  tell him what he can do.  He represents the guy that tells the fireman in the middle of a forest fire,  “I am not leaving my house!”  and then dies in the fire.  
  2. Then there are those who follow all the rules to the letter. 
  3. There are those who decide by following popular opinion,  or whatever group is making sense to them in the moment. 
  4. Often there are simply angry  people who will join any protest – even if they do not know what it is about – so they can vent whatever. 
  5. I enjoy deciding case by case.  Sometimes my opinion is in alignment with popular opinion,  sometimes not.  Oh well,  at least  I know – right or wrong – it is mine.  Which brings to mind,  is there ever really a right or wrong?  Or,  just your idea and my idea.   I was taught that 47 years ago when I made the decision to give up formulating all my opinions in a drunken stupor.  There is only what is right for me and what is right for you.  And that will be debated.   
  6. There will always be disagreement.  I posted something yesterday which set off a parade of opinions and lots of disagreement in whole or in part.  It is totally okay because humans will always have the freedom to think what they think.  (actually, we t think even without the freedom).
  7. Bottom line for me,  I hope I can own whatever I say and/or do.  I hope I always represent and present what I believe in.  May I be who I think you should be. 
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