Slipping and Sliding Seniors Struggling to Survive

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The “slip and slide”  I experienced a few days ago down a mountain has given me pause to think about stuff -too much stuff,  actually.  I realized that I and millions of other seniors are basically screwed because we are silently slipping and sliding away. Seniors are struggling to survive. I keep trying to help others have a better life – my most recent being trying to increase public awareness about lung disease  – created a FB group – Live stronger – Live longer.  It is not about money – it is about public awareness.  Many seniors just like me continuing to give,  educate,  inspire.   Now I wonder why.  Why do we keep doing it? I do it because I love being a helper.  Life is not worth living if I am not giving.   One person told me I needed to volunteer more.  Are you kidding me?  He does not know I pretty much have always volunteered (and still am)  somewhere and/or doing something.  I also have been told the opposite that I give away too much.  So,  we have to be careful who we listen to.  LOL 

I am 74 years old and I am driving Uber because I have to  (gratefully,  I love it), but if I miss one day of driving,  I miss the opportunity to pay a bill.  Yesterday,  I picked up one of the several medicines I need in order to breathe and my co-pay was almost $200.   Many seniors are doing without their medicines  – many are eating dog food.   My credit card debt is out of control again because I have used credit cards just to survive (not for frivolous expenditures).  Not too long ago all my credit cards had a zero balance.    

My SS and retirement checks total $1400 a month.  Who can live on that?  Like many others,   I gave up cable and then internet – quite a while ago.   I sold my piano.  I really do not have anything else to sell.  

I am speaking for ALL seniors  – millions of people who have given much to the planet – people who have been your teachers,  your mentors, your idols.   Millions of seniors who have shown you the way,  who have shared their wisdom, their strength, and their hope with you.  Look at us now.   

Many of us still have creative minds and much wisdom to share with you,  but with no financial ability or time to do so because we are busy trying to survive – one day at a time.   And one day at a time we begin to let go of basic necessities we need to survive.  I am speaking for all seniors who are barely existing.  Why because many do not have the means to share with the world  and others – like me – have too much pride to share  – we were raised to not speak publicly of our woes,  or our financial disasters because people will tell us not to use our credit cards.   Believe me,  most of us are only using them to survive like food and medicine, insurance, medical bills   So,  we are embarrassed to tell anyone – again!  Again?  yes,  again because over and over my friends have come to my rescue and bailed me out.  Not all seniors have amazing friends like I do.  But it is not their responsibility to keep helping me.  

I have many ideas about potentially making money but no way to implement.  (the old adage,  it takes money to make money, is true).   I can’t even get advice without paying for it.   I have a memoir just sitting here but I can’t hire anyone to help me finish it.   Several people in my writing groups  (who know stuff)  have said I should be able to sell as an option (I am aware they might be just blowing smoke up you know where).  But  I do have a little work to do  – I need to create chapters which I do not know how to do and I need an editor (which I cannot afford).  I am just sharing because I think there are millions of other seniors in the same position.  I know I am not alone in this predicament but we are slowing dying away with a lot of unheard wisdom   (Think “Tuesdays with Morey”).  I do have one published  book (Changeless Change) on Amazon but like most books,  it is slow go.  

I would love to have someone help me with my stuff  – or at least has the knowledge to tell me it is not worth it.   I would love to have someone tell me how I could make more money to survive.   I have worked and been self-supporting since I was 16.  I hate that this last decade I have had to let friends help me.  It is just not how it was supposed to be.  I have so much more to give but simply do not know how to.

With this recent injury,  I am still driving while in pain  – up to 10 hours a day – because I have to.  The good news is the fall got my attention.  Any second,  everything could change for me and countless others.  Are you prepared?   I am not.  What will happen when I can no longer work?  Any ideas would be appreciated.

Go visit with your grandparents and/or other seniors.  Go to retirement homes and have conversations.   #seniorslivinginpoverty,#lonelyseniors,#seniorsslippingaway,#changelesschange,#livelongerlivestronger,#dontthrowusaway,#askasenior,#seniorsstillknowalot,#requiredmedicinenotaffordable


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