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What Are You Doing Over And Over But Still Expecting Different Results?

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Who or what is blocking you from your highest good, and/or your goals, and/or from even knowing what you want?

For me, the answer is always the same …… it is ME. That is the easy part. The hard part is seeing the truth about what or who I am refusing to let go of and once I do that, my life always explodes into good for me. (and “them”) Here is how it unfolds for me.

1. it is never about “them” but truth is, I always begin there -blaming. It is not truth but it actually helps me see my part which propels me away from “them” and into what I am doing or not doing.
2. Next (and this is the part where the people, places, and events I am trying to blame help me) I look at what or who I am hanging on to – can’t let go. I HAVE to ask myself at this point WHAT DO I KEEPING DOING over and over with the EXPECTATION IT WILL BE DIFFERENT this time. What? Who? AM I DOING THE SAME THING EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS?
3. IF I am doing the best I can in most areas of my life – and if fact, moving forward” but still can’t figure out who I am, what I want do with my life, etc., etc., then I know I am hanging on to someone or something. In a way, it is like – okay God, I am giving you 90% of my life, but this 10% I will take care of. Nope – that 10% negates the 90%.
4. It is all to God, or it is nothing. Half measures do not avail us 50%, they avail us nothing.
5. It is that one thing that I refuse to let go of that IS the block. For me, it is usually a person but has also been some employment situations. People say to me, “Carol, you need to quit that job, or get out of that relationship!” but I do not listen – over and over – until I can’t anymore and finally follow the direction that makes no sense. I always think I know better, or I hear myself saying “but you don’t understand.” “I can’t let them go because it will hurt them too much, or I love them too much, or (for a job) I need the money. My rebuttals always have to do with my ego – my sick ego. The healthy ego would let go. The people I do not want to let go of have their own journey and their own God. So, when I hang on, who am I really doing it for? What happens to them when I let go is between them and their Higher Power. We all choose.
6. Realizing that if I do not do what is good for me, then I really have nothing to give you.
7. The bottom line for me is to clean my inner house, trust God, and move forward.
8. Often, I take multiple classes, pay a fortune in therapy, for many years before I finally let go. But sometimes, they let go of me. I get fired from a job, or thrown away by a friend, or “they” die from whatever. It is not easy to let go of what is blocking me.

The greatest gift to myself is to finally see what I am doing over and over and over – the same way, but expecting different results and to accept that action is totally about me. I finally see that I am “sacrificing my good to help them because they can’t do it on their own/“ Really??? I am actually robbing you of the dignity of your own journey and telling you that I and my God know better for you.

As long as I am holding on to you as if I own you (in the name of helping) we both die.
But, when I completely let go and cut off all communication, we both grow.

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