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Are We Really All One?

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“God Friended Me” is the title of a new TV show and it reminded me of an ongoing dilemma, or question of mine: How can there be only one God?

How can we all be one with the One – as many believe.

One God with many names, many colors, many minds.

HOW can it be?

I am one of many who believes that all life is one. All plant, animal and human life is one. One Energy, One Source, One God and by whatever

We are a world of multiple everything – multiple voices, opinions, directions, etc. Not only how can all people be one, but how the heck can there be only One Power.

I am one of those who believes we are one but have always been mystified by how it could be possible – until I met my teacher about 40 years ago.

I was at his house and he called me to his large bay window over looking the Pacific Ocean. He said, “Do you see all those sail boats out there – and do you see they are all going in a different direction when there is only one Wind? It is all in how they trim their sails.”

That is my favorite and explains it all for me. But here is another that is more of an example than an explanation.

My toes and my fingers are different. My ears do not look like my eyes – I could go on and on and about how different my body parts are from each other. And then there is my mind – multiple thoughts – often conflicting thoughts BUT it is all me. I am a whole and complete person made of a diverse and collection of body parts.

What do YOU think? I would love to hear from you and your thoughts about One God in each of us, working through us, as us. Are we really all one?

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