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I believe in One God, One Power, One Energy, One Love, expressing Itself equally in, through and as all sentient beings.

I believe the same God that lives, moves and has Its being in me is the same God that lives, moves and has Its being in all sentient beings, and I affirm we are one.  We are united as one even in our multiplicity, just as our fingers are independent and yet one with our hands.  The individuality of each finger does not separate them from our hands.

I believe the only differences between us is what we choose to call our One Power, and how we choose to manifest our lives using One Power.

I believe the One Power is unwavering with Its Love, Light and Life.

I believe every sentient being has choice and demonstrates their own life according to the level of their own acceptance of One Power.

I believe even as the sun shines equally on all, individual perceptions and reactions to the sun are not equal.  Different reactions to the sun in no way changes the power of the sun.

I believe in Love and I believe in the Joy my gratitude for all life gives to me.

I believe.

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