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Feelings may not be facts but they sure can drive prayer to manifestation.

When I pray without feeling, my words are dry and empty. It is like planting seeds but not watering them.

Feelings drive my thoughts and words into the universe. The greater my passion, the greater my demonstration.

You can have a Bentley parked in your garage but if you don’t put gas in the tank, it is not going anywhere. That is how it is with prayer.

Some of my best prayers have been when I was really, really angry because anger is full of passion. When I am angry, every cell of my being is screaming.

On the other hand, I still manifest without being angry. Good thing because I simply am not angry that often.

The key is the level of passion I am experiencing when I pray.

There is an overused expression, “What you think about, you bring about.” It is only the beginning of the prayer process. Thoughts must have energy and a solid belief that our words belong to us. Finally, our thoughts can be harmful to another.

Thought > Belief > Passion > Word > Demonstration.

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