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Undo To Be You

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It seems to me that many of us are looking for ways to be more, do more, and know more.  I hear statements like, “I need to be more enlightened,” or “I need to get more spiritual.”

The list is endless of positive ideas we can come up with – especially at the first of every year – to “better” ourselves. I sometimes feel like I just need that one more thing to learn and/or add to who I am.  If I have “that” I will be whole and complete.

The truth is, I – like everyone else – already have everything I need to happy, joyous and whole.

We were all born enlightened and then we began to fill and wrap ourselves in lies about who we are.

So rather than adding more, perhaps we need to simply begin unwrapping, begin to undo to be you.

It can be hard to do because we enjoy some of the lies we are – like the beautiful Christmas wrapping paper we tear off to get to the real prize. Sure we can avoid unwrapping the gift because we enjoy the beauty of the paper but we will never know how much more we could have had.

Of course we do not know we are wrapped in lies.  We say things like, “but that is just who I am.”  So much easier to make that statement than begin the sometimes painful process of unwrapping.   Undo To Be You.

There is nothing wrong with learning more about whatever we choose, but not to be more.

To be enlightened, simple undo who you think you are.  Unwrap the gift of you and see the magic of you – see the enlightened one you already are.

Undo To Be You.





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