Put a little ING in your life.

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My entire life I have been a compulsive “learner” with an insatiable quest for knowledge. What has changed for me through the years is the “why” of it all.

Learning for me has evolved from head smart to heart smart.

As a young girl, and for most of my life, I believed if I knew more, I would be more. I began a journey of “collecting” degrees, certificates, and licenses.

Turns out, the result of learning and knowing more, is knowing more, but not being more. Being more can only come from the heart. “Heart Smart” cannot be learned from a book, nor can it be purchased – not even online. Ultimately ………. Being more comes from being more.

For a number of years ow, my life has been more about growing my heart, than growing my library. Lots of “ing” in my life ….. be-ing, lov-ing, giv-ing, car-ing.

Todays “Call to Action” is to be heart smart and put a little “ing’ in your life.

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