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Stress, Anxiety, and Panic will SAP your energy

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Today I got to experience that very thing – my energy was almost completely sapped by stress, anxiety and near panic, until………… it occurred to me to practice what I teach.

I often surprise myself when I remember I am human, too, and today I came very close to having a complete “melt-down” which is always precipitated by believing that nothing is right and never will be;   Everything is bleak and I am a loser.   Once I pass the point of no return (which did not happen today but has in the past) I simply fall apart, sobbing and yelling at myself and even God.

The day began with me over-sleeping which wasn’t a big deal at the time but began a day of one thing after another not going “right.”  It started to feel like the energy was compounding exponentially with each little thing.  I kept my negativity at bay until that “one more thing” took it to the point of my insides turning inside out and my head wanting to blow up.

For me, the “turning point” can be a major thing or a minor thing – it doesn’t seem to matter, it is just that one more thing that unleashes something within me. That “one thing” today that put me over the edge was hearing “sorry, no openings.”    Inside of me, I was already having a slow boil but I was trying to set up a ride from an airport to a lodge 40 minutes away where I will be attending a conference.

When I made my reservation several months ago, I was assured I would not need a reservation for a shuttle.   However, the folks who organized the conference sent out an email informing us of the importance of making one.  I almost did not even call but did because I was confident it was okay.  Imagine my surprise when I called and was told the shuttle service was full – no more openings.  What?  I asked for the name of another company and was told they did not know.  I hung up the phone and found myself in a place I rarely am – total fear.   What would I do when I got off the plane? My mind began to spin.  I could not think clearly – I did not know what to do.

I could not get clear on anything but suddenly I stopped, took a breath, stepped back  and asked myself what I would tell a client?   Whoa!!

I immediately begin doing what I invite my clients to do.  The key activity is prayer.  After I said my powerful prayer I was calm and knew everything would work out and now that I was once again calm I might as well head out to do my errand, knowing the transportation mystery would be worked out.   Before I got out the door, my phone dinged and I had a text.  The text simply said the name of a shuttle and a phone number.   I had no idea who sent the text but I went on internet and looked up the name of the shuttle.  Sure enough it was a shuttle in the town where my plane would land.   I called the number and successfully made a reservation for a shuttle from the airport to the lodge.    I then realized the number that sent the text looked familiar and it was the number of the shuttle I originally called that had no openings.  I texted back, “thank you, whoever you are, I now have a reservation.”

It felt like a miracle.  Seriously, I did what I teach others to do and it worked. The rest of the day went really well and, in fact, at the end of the day I won some money in the lottery!

I was reminded of how powerful my prayers are and how quickly a mood can be turned around when I simply do a few things that repeatedly work.










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