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Have you ever wondered why some of your prayers seem to get answered and others not?   I have and I have had years of training in how to pray for maximum results.

I am a licensed practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living and prayer is our primary function.   Any yet, I have my moments when I wonder if this “prayer thing”   is all just a big hoax.  Luckily, I quickly remember the hoax is me.  Like many things, it only works if you work it!

What happens with me is that I get in a prayer rut.   I pray all the time and it becomes almost robotic and if I were to actually listen to myself, I would probably sound very monotone.  Although I am not an over the top type of pray-er, I generally do have expression in my prayers which is the passion that drives the prayer into results.

But what do I do when it feels like prayer is just not working?   I do my “eff you God” prayer.   What?  Before you have a stroke or heart attack, or want to call the exorcist on me, let me tell you my story which also, by the way, is an example of the power of passion.

It really is simple logic.  Can you recall ever getting really angry?   The feeling that accompanies anger is called passion.  Fortunately, you do not have to be angry to have passion but I must admit, anger makes for pretty powerful passion!

It was about a year ago and I had really hit a financial low.  I had some income but it wasn’t enough and I had been looking for additional work for several months to no avail.  I also had been doing my daily spiritual practice with prayer and my positive affirmations and life seemed to get worse (in the absence of getting better).  I went on job interviews – nothing.   I was barely holding my head above water.  I became obsessed with my affirmations that “my life is abundant.”

Okay, here is the part that might upset you but please stay with me.   One day, I got on my knees and just started sobbing and I was screaming at God.  Imagine.  I was swearing at God.  I was screaming, “Fuck you God! This is all bullshit. I have done everything I know how to do and nothing is working.”

All  of a sudden, I heard a loud voice say,  “Shut up!”



So I did.

Then the voice said, “Stand up and look around.”   I stood up and looked around and the voice continued.   “Look around you – your life IS abundant.  You have been affirming abundance and you have abundant friends, abundant health and you live in abundance.”

If you wanted money, you should have asked for money.”

I said thank you and started asking for money.  Within 24 hours,  I had two job offers.  I took both and one I still have.

What I now know is that when I am angry, I am feeling passion – I am putting that passion into all my words.  Passion is the energy that drives prayer.  No, it wasn’t me swearing that got answers – it was my passion.

So regardless of what kind of prayers you do, remember the passion.  Regardless of who or what you call your Higher Power — Pray with passion.









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