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What is a Great America?

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I woke up this morning thinking about a “Great America” and wondering what it means. It came to me that during this past year, or so, those words have been sort of a catch phrase by all sides of the political fence. “Making America great again,” and “Keep America great.” What occurred to me this morning is that I have not heard anyone DEFINE what a great America means. What happens with statements, or words, like that is everyone who says them and/or hears them has a different definition in their minds which is what makes it “great” for a campaign.

Not clarifying and/or defining our words underlies many (if not most) problems in personal relationships, as well.  Even when we say, “I love you” we seldom define it. Love is a huge word with many levels and does not mean the same to everyone but we often use it as if it does.

The same with the word “great” and certainly a “Great America.” I hear it and it means one thing. You hear it and it could mean something entirely different. Our president, for one, continues to say he is making America great again. WHAT does that mean? What does great mean to him? What does it mean to you? Think about it. I believe a “Great America” is something we need to start defining. It DOES have a different meaning for everyone. Let us begin to clarify the content of a great America.

Let us begin to talk about what a this looks like. What does it feel like to live in a Great America? “Making America great again” is really shallow when I think about it and America is anything but that. America is so much more and so all-encompassing on so many levels, but individual at the same time.

Rather than continue to throw that phrase around, what if we started sharing the content of it.  What does a Great America look like to you?  What is it you would expect to see,  have, or be in a Great America?  I invite you to join in this conversation today about what a Great America means to you.  Leave your words in comment section below.

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