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Defense or Offense?

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defense or offense, football, metephorAre you defense, or offense? I enjoy watching the game of football because it reminds me of the game of life and the myriad of ways there are to play it and all the ways have pretty much one goal. In life – same thing. I think most people want a better world, we just have different definitions of what that means and different ways to achieve it.

I see myself as an offensive player. In life, I have a habit of trying to get everyone onto the offensive team. Then I remember football and realize no one would ever win without the defense.

There are many “teams” today working for change in our world – politically, environmentally, culturally, etc and all sides seem to have the same goal of making a better world (yes, even those whose beliefs are diametrically opposed to mine). Then there are “teams” who have the same goals as I, but they are on a different path to achieving the same goal.

I recently found myself trying to change a defensive team into an offensive team when I realized – one more time – we need good defense AND good offensive to win – regardless of the cause, and/or viewpoints.

Defense is not negative, it is just not me. I spent many years playing defense, and now I have opted for the offensive team.

BOTH are necessary to win the game. Defense is necessary to keep the opposing team from scoring and Offensive is constantly strategizing another way to get to the goal without the opponent’s defense knocking them down.

Offense or Defense – stay focused on your goal post.

Seriously, watching football keeps me in the reality of reality.

(side note: and then there are teams who say they are defense but they are really proactive offense. Tee Hee)

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