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We Can’t Lose at Love Because Love is All There Is

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Love is All There Is, couple kissing, dark blueRelationships can end for a variety of reasons, but what we learned never ends and the love we gave continues to give and grow in the universe – for eternity. Because love is All there is.

Love is all there is. People, places and things come and go but love remains.

Are you in pain? Are you devastated, angry, anxious, or sad beyond understanding?

Take all that emotion from your heart and put it on a table in front of you. Just look at it and see that it is not you – none of it belongs to you. Now, roll it up into a ball and hold it next to your heart and love it. Yes, love all you perceive to be negative. Love all the hurt, the pain the anger, the devastation, the anxiety, panic, and the feelings of worthlessness. Wrap the ball of negativity in love because love is all there is. And when you are ready (because you can keep the ball as long as you want), toss it. Toss it into the trash, or into the ocean, or off a cliff but toss it somewhere and you will know, you will feel all that remains is love.

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