Are you unwittingly putting limits on God?

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limits on God, changeless change, carol davis, waterfall, rainbowThe power of God is, of course, unlimited and infinite. But I was just wondering if we limit – in our finite thinking – what God can do by attaching human characteristics to It? Are you unwittingly putting limits on God?

When we have thoughts like, “I don’t deserve it,” “I have been a bad girl,” etc., we are perceiving a God who has human characteristics. When we “beg” God to forgive us, we are perceiving a God with human characteristics – like daddy. If God were that small and that judgmental, It would not be God.

When you pray, “please forgive me” – you are really asking yourself (the God self within you) for forgiveness.

God is all and in all. God is everything and everyone, or God is nothing – No picking and choosing. God IS Love and Love is all there is. Period. We are all equal amounts of love, but we are all at different levels of understanding and acceptance. The differences are within each of us as humans. God stays same and equal for all.

Each of us turn on our faucets differently- some full force, some trickle, some not at all. The water doesn’t decide how much we get, we do.

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