It Was Never Your Fault
500 378 Carol Davis

September was apparently the “official” National Suicide Prevention Month and although September is gone, the time to talk about prevention is never gone.   It is always the right time to speak up and out about suicide and what we might do to prevent one more. Let’s start with this; it was never your fault. I…

I Get What I Expect to Get
900 600 Carol Davis

What I BELIEVE is exactly what I achieve – whether I am fearing it, or freeing it. I get what I expect to get! Matthew 8:13 “So Jesus said to the centurion, Go, let it be done to you according to your belief.” Matthew 9:29 “Then he touched their eyes and said, “Let it be…

Looking for your purpose in life?
900 600 Carol Davis

For many years I claimed to be looking for my purpose in life – a purpose to live. In actuality, I may have known it all along but was afraid to say it even to myself, because I knew it would not measure up to a definition I had in my subconscious mind. That part…

Suicide Attempts, Permanent Solution to a Temporary Issue
900 600 Carol Davis

Whenever I read about another suicide as I did this very morning, my heart and soul do a dance of sadness and gratitude as my entire being feels shattered with the pain of identification. I have lost count of my multiple suicide attempts from 10 to age 27. My heart aches when I remember the…

Reporting vs. Dwelling and Prayer
900 600 Carol Davis

Reporting vs. Dwelling and Prayer – Reporting is simply that. Reporting is sharing verbally, or in writing, the status of an event, a project, or of your own self. For example, Reporting the status of your finances would be telling the appropriate person(s) the current status. You tell your accountant, or your business partners, the…

Are you unwittingly putting limits on God?
900 600 Carol Davis

The power of God is, of course, unlimited and infinite. But I was just wondering if we limit – in our finite thinking – what God can do by attaching human characteristics to It? Are you unwittingly putting limits on God? When we have thoughts like, “I don’t deserve it,” “I have been a bad…

We Can’t Lose at Love Because Love is All There Is
900 600 Carol Davis

Relationships can end for a variety of reasons, but what we learned never ends and the love we gave continues to give and grow in the universe – for eternity. Because love is All there is. Love is all there is. People, places and things come and go but love remains. Are you in pain?…

Why, Why, Why?
900 600 Carol Davis

I have spent my entire life asking, or trying to ask, “why” for just about everything. As a child it was the usual parental response of “because I said so, that’s why.” As a teenager and then for most of my adult life, I have been told, “who cares? move on.” As much as I…

Staying In Charge Of Our Charge On Others
900 600 Carol Davis

Whenever I am feeling jealousy and/or envy (expressed, or not) I am simply not trusting Divine Wisdom and Direction and I am straying off the path of Divine Knowledge. I only need to remember even seemingly “bad” things happen to me good and the darkest hour is always – always – just before dawn. Staying…

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