take the leap, leaping, jump off
TAKE THE LEAP………. the leap of faith
1024 768 Carol Davis

Against all levels of common sense and basic logic, there are times when we must simply take the leap and step into the unknown.  Take a deep breath and jump into the abyss, trusting that it is the correct thing to do. Doing what I need to do for my highest good is often a…

What is a Great America?
1024 575 Carol Davis

I woke up this morning thinking about a “Great America” and wondering what it means. It came to me that during this past year, or so, those words have been sort of a catch phrase by all sides of the political fence. “Making America great again,” and “Keep America great.” What occurred to me this…

Defense or Offense?
1024 728 Carol Davis

Are you defense, or offense? I enjoy watching the game of football because it reminds me of the game of life and the myriad of ways there are to play it and all the ways have pretty much one goal. In life – same thing. I think most people want a better world, we just…

It Is Never Too Late to Recreate!
800 533 Carol Davis

It’s never too late to recreate.. For most of my life, I hated Christmas – the holiday itself and all the “rules” that go with it.  I never hated the meaning of Christmas.  As far back as I can remember, Christmas was just another day my father could abuse us and it was an opportunity…

It Was Never Your Fault
500 378 Carol Davis

September was apparently the “official” National Suicide Prevention Month and although September is gone, the time to talk about prevention is never gone.   It is always the right time to speak up and out about suicide and what we might do to prevent one more. Let’s start with this; it was never your fault. I…

I Get What I Expect to Get
900 600 Carol Davis

What I BELIEVE is exactly what I achieve – whether I am fearing it, or freeing it. I get what I expect to get! Matthew 8:13 “So Jesus said to the centurion, Go, let it be done to you according to your belief.” Matthew 9:29 “Then he touched their eyes and said, “Let it be…

Looking for your purpose in life?
900 600 Carol Davis

For many years I claimed to be looking for my purpose in life – a purpose to live. In actuality, I may have known it all along but was afraid to say it even to myself, because I knew it would not measure up to a definition I had in my subconscious mind. That part…

Suicide Attempts, Permanent Solution to a Temporary Issue
900 600 Carol Davis

Whenever I read about another suicide as I did this very morning, my heart and soul do a dance of sadness and gratitude as my entire being feels shattered with the pain of identification. I have lost count of my multiple suicide attempts from 10 to age 27. My heart aches when I remember the…

Reporting vs. Dwelling and Prayer
900 600 Carol Davis

Reporting vs. Dwelling and Prayer – Reporting is simply that. Reporting is sharing verbally, or in writing, the status of an event, a project, or of your own self. For example, Reporting the status of your finances would be telling the appropriate person(s) the current status. You tell your accountant, or your business partners, the…

Are you unwittingly putting limits on God?
900 600 Carol Davis

The power of God is, of course, unlimited and infinite. But I was just wondering if we limit – in our finite thinking – what God can do by attaching human characteristics to It? Are you unwittingly putting limits on God? When we have thoughts like, “I don’t deserve it,” “I have been a bad…

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