I am overpaid
150 150 Carol Davis

What is mine to do to make a better world?  That is a question I have asked every day for the past 10 years, or so. For the first  27 years of my life I was a taker and I used and abused everyone who crossed my path and I ended up sleeping on park…

WHITE PRIVILEGE – Do those words offend you?
150 150 Carol Davis

Why, why, why are many white people offended by the label, “White Privilege?” I have some ideas based on my personal experience, which I will get to, but let me first state what my definition is of “White Privilege.” If you are white, you have it. It has nothing to do with what you believe,…

150 150 Carol Davis

After my dad died, friends asked if I was going to keep the house and move in and, in fact, a few were begging me.  I thought about it and that is actually one reason I was standing there in the empty house after we had an estate sale. It was stripped clean and I…

Stress, Anxiety, and Panic will SAP your energy
1024 683 Carol Davis

Today I got to experience that very thing – my energy was almost completely sapped by stress, anxiety and near panic, until………… it occurred to me to practice what I teach. I often surprise myself when I remember I am human, too, and today I came very close to having a complete “melt-down” which is…

FEARS – forgotten and future
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It is important for me to remember to look at how far I have come, rather than how far I have yet to go. However, there are some days I still forget. For example, I am remembering a time when I could not prepare a meal – even for a good friend – without being…

150 150 Carol Davis

Have you ever wondered why some of your prayers seem to get answered and others not?   I have and I have had years of training in how to pray for maximum results. I am a licensed practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living and prayer is our primary function.   Any yet, I have my moments when…

I Dreamed I Beat My Mother to Death with a Baseball Bat
150 150 Carol Davis

My mother has been dead, or departed from life as we know it, since 1998!  She was (as my therapist called it) a “five-star narcissist with organic impairment.”  The organic impairment came in her later years as a result of alcohol abuse. When I finally learned from a professional that how my mother treated people…

take the leap, leaping, jump off
TAKE THE LEAP………. the leap of faith
1024 768 Carol Davis

Against all levels of common sense and basic logic, there are times when we must simply take the leap and step into the unknown.  Take a deep breath and jump into the abyss, trusting that it is the correct thing to do. Doing what I need to do for my highest good is often a…

What is a Great America?
1024 575 Carol Davis

I woke up this morning thinking about a “Great America” and wondering what it means. It came to me that during this past year, or so, those words have been sort of a catch phrase by all sides of the political fence. “Making America great again,” and “Keep America great.” What occurred to me this…

Defense or Offense?
1024 728 Carol Davis

Are you defense, or offense? I enjoy watching the game of football because it reminds me of the game of life and the myriad of ways there are to play it and all the ways have pretty much one goal. In life – same thing. I think most people want a better world, we just…

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